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Fiber Optic Networks:

What is "Fiber Optics"? And a short history.

It's the communications technology that works by sending signals down hair thin strands of glass fiber (and sometimes plastic fiber.) It began about 30 years ago in the R&D labs (Corning, Bell Labs, ITT UK, etc.) and was first installed in Chicago, IL, USA in 1976. By the early 1980s, fiber networks connected the major cities on each coast.

By the mid-80s, fiber was replacing all the telco copper, microwave and satellite links. In the 90s, CATV discovered fiber and used it first to enhance the reliability of their networks, a big problem. Along the way, they discovered they could offer phone and Internet service on that same fiber and greatly enlarged their markets.

Computers and LANs started using fiber about the same time as the telcos. Industrial links were among the first as the noise immunity of fiber and its distance capability make it ideal for the factory floor. Mainframe storage networks came next, the predecessors of today's fiber SANs (storage area networks.)

Other applications developed too: aircraft, ship and automobile data busses, CCTV for security, even links for consumer digital stereo!

Today fiber optics is either the dominant medium or a logical choice for every communication system.

Using light pulses to transfer data through glass, fiber optic cabling is the fastest, most reliable, and secure data cabling system available.

Compared to Cat5e, and Cat6 cabling, fiber optic cable offers the greatest resistance to electromagnetic noise; thereby enhancing signal flow and data transmission consistency. There is essentially zero loss in signals with fiber optic cable.

When looking at speed, fiber optic cabling is traveling via light and therefore much faster than its copper based competitors.

We install fiber optic projects of all sizes and complexity.

Services include:

  • Indoor / outdoor backbone fiber
  • Single Mode & Multimode Fiber
  • Splicing and Testing Services
  • Trenching / Boring
  • Aerial, buried or underground
  • Fiber Runner and Raceway
  • Fiber Innerduct

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